Writing/Flashing a new tune file can only ever be done after having already successfully READ your ECU's Original tune file.

  1. Ensure that your battery is fully charged and healthy
    •  Read our article about Precautions: Writing ECU
  2. Connect your tablet to your vehicle, and let it boot up.
  3. Turn the key/ignition to the ON position without starting your engine.
    • For cars with conventional keys, that is TWO key clicks from OFF.
    • For cars with push-button start that is TWO button presses WITHOUT depressing the brake or clutch pedal.
    • Your fuel gauge should be indicating a fuel level when you're in the ON position.
  4. Select the TUNING menu option on your tablet.
  5. Select the WRITE option.
  6. Choose the tune file you’d like to flash, and then follow the on-screen prompts to successfully program your ECU.