The steps to know which read method your OFT used is simple. After you've completed a READ operation at your vehicle:

  1. Successfully install OpenFlash Manager on your Windows based PC.
  2. Ensure you have an active internet/wifi connection.
  3. Launch the OpenFlash Manager software.
  4. Connect your OFT to your PC using the supplied MiniUSB to USB cable.
    • At this time your OpenFlash Manager may apply several updates to your OFT, or itself. This can take several minutes; give the process some time to complete.
  5. Navigate to the UPLOAD DATA tab on the left.
    • Once the software has read some data from the OFT either of the following will occur next

  • You may be immediately greeted by a message that says "Only ECU data have been read. The original file must be loaded manually." 
    •  This indicates a Virtual ECU Read took place.

  • You may NOT receive any message like what is above
    • This indicates an Actual ECU Read took place.
    • After OpenFlash Manager reads the data from the OFT, notice that the space next to "Original File" says "PRESENT"