If you've lost or damaged your OFT which makes it unusable, and it is still installed to your car, there are a few things to know/understand.

1. You can purchase and install a new OFT.
  • Installing a new OFT will overwrite the original installation. 
  • Be aware that during the READ process, the new OFT will save whatever mapping is currently flashed to your ECU as the ORIGINAL ROM. 
  • If you ever need an OEM program back to the ECU, you can request if from us, and load it into the MOD file slot on the OFT, flashing it that way.
  • If/when you uninstall the new OFT, the previous ECU program that was READ will be written back to the ECU.

2. Have a local dealership flash your vehicle ECU back to stock, and THEN install a new OFT.

  • This will be a "fresh start" and make the ECU 100% stock during any future uninstallation of the OFT.