After you perform an ECU READ, the OFT compares the read data to known 100% OEM tune file data. If the data matches 100% with the known OEM tune file data, then the OFT will auto-generate tune files compatible with your ECU.

The OFT may fail to auto-generate tune files for some different reasons:

  • Your ECU software is too new, we haven't added it to our Mod-File Database yet
  • Your ECU was tuned before and the data in the ECU is not 100% stock
  • The mod-file database on your OFT is missing or for a different ECU type

Because dealerships are always updating, publishing and installing new calibration codes on customers ECU's sometimes your code could be absent from our db currently. This is not a problem.

If your OFT did not auto-generate tune files for your ECU it's easiest to manually upload compatible tune files yourself.