Before interacting with your new OpenFlash Tablet, read this entire document!.... no seriously; read this entire document first.

Thank you for purchasing the Openflash Tablet! We are confident that your OFT will easily meet (and exceed)your current and future tuning and diagnostic needs.

There are a few things that you must be aware of in order to ensure years of trouble-free operation.

  1. OFTScreenCalibration

    Sometimes the OFT gets bumped around during shipping. The OFT is packaged well so it does notcause any failures. During shipping, sudden impacts can cause touchscreen miss-calibrations.

    If you notice that your screen isn’t as responsive as you’d expect it to be, please (first) re-calibrate your touch screen.

    1. Plug your OFT into your vehicle,

    2. Select SET UP

    3. SelectCALIBRATION.

      You must use a stylus or a similarly pointy option for this process, and follow the on screen prompts. You cannot use your finger-tips. Despite how pointy you think your digits are, they willnot be pointy enough.

      Take care to press firmly and centered in the middle of the calibration boxes as the appear.

  2. OFT Tune File Auto-Generation Failure

    In rare cases, your OFT may not recognize your ECU calibration code during installation. If this happensyou may be greeted by a message(s) that says “Mod files cannot be created” or “Your ECU was read,but tune files were not created ...” – These messages can appear for a few reason, the most commonreasons are explained below:

    • Dealerships and Manufacturers are constantly updating ECU software to meet and comply withemission control standards and regulation, and may have updated your ECU with a newercalibration ID.

    • Your ECU may already have a tune file installed that the OFT understands is not a 100% matchto OEM tuning data (byte for byte).

      This is O.K., and is NOT a problem.

      NOTE: You may be instructed (by the OFT) to email our sales staff, but don’t. Instead, perform thefollowing actions listed on the next page.

      If tune files do not automatically generate you’ll need to use a native windows based PC to manually uploadthe tune files that are designed for (and match) your ECU's calibration code. Read more about the processhere: ....... Don’t worry, it’s easy to do!

            i) If you didn’t notice or write it down before, find your ECU’s Calibration Code:(a) Connect your OFT to your vehicle

                (a) Turn the key/ignition to the ON position.

                        -For cars with conventional keys, that is TWO key clicks from OFF.

                        -For cars with push-button start that is TWO button presses WITHOUT depressing the

                        brake or clutch pedal.

                       - Your fuel gauge should be indicating a fuel level when you’ve selected the ON position.

                (b) Select TUNING on your OFT.

                (c) Select ECU INFO on your OFT.

Tune files can be located and downloaded from our support page:

  1. In the search bar, please type the calibration code that was presented to you, by your OFT during installation.

  2. If your tune files cannot be found on our support page, please submit a request for your freetune files using our online form here:

  3. When requesting your for free tune files, you’ll need to download your original tune file (whichthe OFT read), and prepare it for upload. Read more here:

3) Dealership and Service Facility Visits

When you’ve scheduled dealership or repair facility visits, please use your OFT to flash your ORIGINAL tuneback to your ECU. The reason for this is due to a particular reasons mentioned below.

  •  Dealerships (or Service Centers) often perform and apply ECU software updates ad prescribed by themanufacturer (with or without) mentioning it to you beforehand.

If your service provider updates your ECU software while your OFT is still installed, you’ll be stuckwith an OFT that is now unwilling to re-flash your your ECU, again.

Simply stated, always un-install your OFT before your service center visits.

In the event that your service provider DOES perform a software update, your OFT may need to be erased andre-initialized to flash tune files again. To do this:

  1. 1)  Download, install and run Openflash Manager on your PC.

  2. 2)  An internet connection is REQUIRED for this operation - After connecting your OFT to your internet

    connected PC, it may perform several updates taking some minutes.

    ... after the updates are applied,

  3. 3)  Select the ERASE tab on the left side of the software window.

  4. 4)  Select START.

    This will prepare your OFT for re-installation onto your ECU. Understand that the OFT can ONLY beerased if the ORIGINAL file had been flashed back to the ECU.

Again: Failure to uninstall your OFT before the dealer performs a software update will render your OFTunable to flash your recently updated ECU. This is a permanent situation as the OFT cannot be erasedby us or anyone else. Please don’t forget to flash back to stock in situations such as this!

We’d love your feedback for the OFT (and tune files). Email Be sure to likeand follow us on Facebook to stay up-to-date with the latest tuning and OFT hardware developments.