HELP: I need my tablet uninstalled (un-married) from a car I no longer own/was totaled/bought from someone else online/etc.

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Sadly, we cannot forcefully uninstall (un-marry [or reload firmware]) while any tablet is married to a specific vehicle. This means that the ORIGINAL tune has not been reprogrammed back to the initial (married) ECU.

The reason for this is that the tablet retains the security and calibration information for the vehicle for which it was initially installed UNTIL the OFT recognizes that it no longer needs to retain the information. E.G: the original tune (and vehicle specific data) has been re-written back to the ECU.

Once the original data is programmed back to the vehicle, the tablet will allow itself to be erased in OpenFlash Manager; because the original data no longer needs to be retained.

If you've bought the OFT from an unauthorized reseller (private party or used (2nd-hand), please try erasing the OFT again, first, following the instructions found here:  How-To: Erasing Your Openflash Tablet (v1 or v2).  or  HELP: I need more Erase Credits. What to do next? 

If your tablet is still unusable for the reason(s) above, you may be eligible to take advantage of our exchange program. Our exchange program will deduct $249 from the cost of a replacement OFT for your vehicle/bike.

The way it works is as follows:

  1. We'll provide you with an RMA number (via email) to send in with your return hardware.
  2. You mail us your tablet with the RMA written on the package, and include your printed RMA email packaged inside the box.
  3. When we receive the tablet, we will verify it is in exchangeable condition and not (otherwise) broken or damaged.
  4. We will forward you a coupon code to purchase a new OFT from our web-store with a discount of $249 from the original price.
  5. After receipt of your payment, we will ship you your brand new OFT.

So long as there is no physical damage to the OFT hardware, it may be eligible. 

Please complete our on-line Return Merchandise Authorization Request to start the process by clicking here.

In certain cases, you may also be upgrading to an OFTv2, compared to the OFTv1 you may have now: This depends on the our current replacement stock availability. HELP: Which version OFT do I have?

NOTE: Once we receive your hardware, it will be at our total discretion whether or not it is eligible for our exchange program. If we determine that your unit is not eligible, you will be responsible for paying return shipping for your device back to you.

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