Open Flash Tablet - OFT TIPS Trick’s & FAQ

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Open Flash Tablet - OFT TIPS Trick’s & FAQ 

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All Information here is provided in good faith I accept no responsibility for errors omissions, damage etc resulting from the use of this information- Use at your own risk 


Note : The OFT website does not force update of webpages so you may get OLD versions of downloads unless you CLEAR your Browser Cache or force direct read with "Control-Refresh"

OFT - Open flash Tablet

OFM - open flash Manager (windows software)

ROM- or tune file this is what is written or read from your ECU

ECU - Engine Control Unit

Tune files –Templates – Open Flash Manager software – Definition 


OFT should now auto update template file but if it doesn't try the one at end of post. If its old you may need to contact OFT guys to get latest one

Note : The OFT website does not force update of webpages to your browser so you may get OLD versions of downloads unless you CLEAR your Browser Cache or force direct read with "Control-Refresh"

An Open Flash Tablet - OFT can only ever Write a ROM to one vehicle at a time ie the vehicle it is "married " to , however the diagnostic and logging functions will work on any vehicle it supports. See section on Marrying/De-marrying below as you can switch vehicles.

This makes the OFT a sale-able device should you wish to part with it it can also be sold to BMW, Porsche or Mazda owners of supported vehicles.

OFT - Openflash Tablet Features -Tune Features

Handheld Standalone tuning device - no laptop required

No internal battery powers from vehicle

Upgradable firmware in device via Open Flash Manager- free firmware/feature updates

Can log ECU parameters to file- aprox 30 selectable parameters - 12 parameters at a time - 

Multiple log files up to 20 can be named and 400 minutes of storage 

see here

Tuning alarms and alerts -configurable- up to three alerts with 4 conditions

Real-time logging Screen of parameters being logged to file

Big Gauge display of any 3 of the selectable 30 parameters for easy reading during track days eg OIL Temp, AFR, Knock

WideBand O2 (oxygen) Sensor logging support (aftermarket sensor required)

You can flash back to 100% stock any time -no license hassles -no encryption - no cost -you are in control

Pedal Dance function -Completly disable traction/stability control ICE Mode Brake force distribution (For track use)

Driving Performance Monitoring- monitor various parameters like brake pressure steering angle wheel slip ect

You can re-sell device to other supported vehicle owners including BMW Porsche Mazda once un-maried from your car.

Holds up to 5 tune files, plus Stock tune on device - Example: 91 octane tune, 93 octane tune , E85 tune , Tune with LC & FFS enabled

OFT tunes are Open and editable and included with OFT - ie free tunes for life and includes tunes for bolt on mods & E85

Launch Control - LC

Flat Foot Shift - FFS (no lift shift)

Higher RPM limit -soft rev limiter

Tunes and above parameters are user adjustable/editable.

Youtube Tutorials

Their are quite a number of youtube tutorials on OFT use logging ect

a good youtube search is "open flash tablet shiv" or

OFT First Use 

See section below if you have had Ecutek tune or have non-standard ROM in car or very new ROM (ie 86/brz)

OFT's are now shipped with the latest tunes pre-installed in database format.

Never try to READ or FLASH a car with any flashing device with a weak , low or suspect battery.

Never have engine running when trying to WRITE/flash or READ a rom/tune to your car. you want ignition full ON (not just accessory) but with engine stopped.

1. Plug in the OFT to car 

2. Select Vehicle ie Toyota GT86 ZN6, if you have trouble reading try the other options BRZ or FRS

3. The WRITE button will be greyed out and unusable if no stock ROM has been READ by OFT or the STOCK ROM and VIN does not match the connected vehicle ie its still married to another car. Diagnostics will still work though.

4. READ your stock ROM into the OFT (you cannot write a ROM till you have READ your stock ROM into OFT). If changing vehicles see the section below on marry/unmarring OFT.

5. Once Stock ROM is READ correctly the WRITE button will become active as long as the OFT recognizes your stock ROM Calibration ID and VIN number matches. 

6.If after reading stock ROM the Write button is still inactive then the OFT does not have a tune file to match your ROM CALID, ie you have a very new ROM or one not seen before by the Openflash guys. You will need to send a copy of this to the Openflash guys so they can generate a tune file for you. Or your stock ROM was not 100% stock see next section

7. If Write button is now active (no longer grey) your good to Write a ROM. Follow directions on OFT screen.

OFT issues if you have had EcuTek or non-stock ROM in car or a very new or unknown ROM

When you "marry" your OFT to your car for the first time you may see both the READ and WRITE buttons go grey and unusable if you have had an EcuTek Tune or ROM flashed to car or your ROM is not 100% stock. This may happen even if you have flashed an EcuTek "stock" tune to the car.

If you get an error like "MODE FILE NOT FOUND" means the oft could not auto generate a tune file for you from its internal database. Just download the tune files from the openflash downloads site and upload to OFT via Open Flash Manager software.

1. Ecutek "stock" tunes/ROM's are not 100% stock, the tune tables and program is but Ecutek hides some license data in the ROM as well.

2. OFT will read your stock rom which is not 100% stock, the READ button has gone grey as its successfully read the rom from the car. so it wont read another.

3. The WRITE has gone grey as the oft has worked out your stock rom is not actually 100% stock as a result it will not build a tune file from its database format tunes ie .dev file it is shipped with, as it uses your stock rom as a base to build tune ROM. If the OFT finds a "non-stock" ROM it will not build a tune from the .dev database tune file as it may build a corrupt tune.

4. The fix is to download the full format .bin tunes from openflash site unzip the downloaded files, DELETE the database format tunes in OFT using OFM, then load up the required full format tune .bin tune files to match your CALID of your stock ROM.

As the oft now has a full tune ROM to work with it will just check the CALID and VIN matches and its happy to flash.

Open Flash Manager Software- OFM (Windows PC)

(note OFT/OFM does not seem to play well with USB 3.0 ports best to use USB2.0 port or hub)

This windows software is available from the website downloads page and is used to

1. Update firmware and features of the OFT

2. Update Template file (if your logging screen missing text)

3. Load and remove tunes from OFT

4. Download log files from OFT

5. Erase or de-marry OFT from a vehicle to allow for sale of OFT to another owner

IF running Windows 8 Load the Windows 8 patch from OFT downloads page

Exception Target of an invocation error - using Open Flash Manager

Found I had to copy font file refsan.ttf to C:\windows\fonts directory

If anyone else needs it unzip attachment below (end of post) and stick it in directory above if you get the "Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation." error in OFM when interacting with OFT

Database Format (non-editable) and BIN/HEX format (editable) tunes

OFT Tablet’s are shipped with latest tune files in database (.dev) format you cannot edit or alter database or (.dev) format tunes

If you want to download tunes in (.hex or .bin) format go to links above

You can edit and modify .hex or .bin tune files you will need RomRaider and the matching Tune definition files. Always get this from the OFT site and NOT Romraider site (Github) as the OFT tunes contain a Patch for Launch Control and Flat foot (no lift) Shifting and need special definition files.

The OFT can only ever have one type of tunes stored in a a time ie either BIN format or DEV database format at any one time, you can't have a combination of both.

Tunes won't Load

If tunes wont load make sure your not mixing types ie .dev and .bin, delete all the tunes in the 5 slots then try again. (No need to delete your original ROM in protected slot its in a special slot- only do that if you want to de-marry the OFT)

Its normal to get "checksum Corrected" message on oft when loading new tune files, romraider does not correct all checksums.

How to load bin tunes see tutorial below

Updating the OFT Firmware and OpenFlash Manager (OFM) Software.

Note : The OFT website does not force update of webpages to your browser so you may get OLD versions of downloads unless you CLEAR your Browser Cache or force direct read with "Control-Refresh"

If the Auto update fails download the Openflash Manager (OFM) software direct from openflash site downloads page.

Delete the C:\Openflash directory and reinstall OFM from scratch, then plug in OFT and let it update. Dont forget to update the "template" file from Openflash downloads site as well The OFT Guys release updates quite often, its a good idea to connect your OFT to Your PC connected to the internet and start Open Flash Manager software every few weeks so the OFT can get its updates.

Also check on the OFT downloads page for Updates to Open Flash Manager, New Template files (if your logging screen look weird after an update), new tunes ect.

Which TUNE should I run and what Mods are supported

Check the file called "release notes" in the zip file for the tunes you download from the site .

Rough guide OTS Map Requirements:

Stage 1- For vehicles equipped with original header. Other exhaust modifications also compatible. Stock airbox (with or without aftermarket drop-in panel filter) also recommend. Premium grade fuel or fuel as specified by tune.

Stage 2- For vehicles equipped with aftermarket cat-less headers. Other exhaust modifications also compatible. Stock airbox (with or without aftermarket drop-in panel filter) also recommend. Premium grade fuel or fuel as specified by tune

91 (USA) octane or better required for 91 octane tunes

93 (USA) octane or better required for 93 octane tunes

Its ok to use a higher octane than specified by the tune but not a good idea to use a lower octane fuel than specified by the tune.

E85 required for tunes labeled E85 (ie fuel with 60 to 90% ethanol content)

Exception for Stock cars running E85 use Stage 2 E85 EL header tune:

Editing/modifying OFT Tune files

(note OFT/OFM does not seem to play well with USB 3.0 ports best to use USB2.0 port or hub)

OFT Tune must be in BIN format and not DEV format.

You will need RomRaider and the definition files for your tune see the links above, get these from Openflash website.

Its normal to get "checksum Corrected" message on oft when loading new tune files, romraider does not correct all checksums.

Do NOT use the Definitions from the RomRaider (Github) site with openflash tune ROMS, and the definitions MUST match the tune revision.
Definitions for 1.5X OFT tunes are NOT the same for V2x OFT tunes

Its very important to use the definitions supplied by OPENFLASH on their downloads site specific to the openflash tunes.
If you use the standard romraider definitions from github to edit OFT tunes very bad things may happen.

Do not use TunePro or old definitions not specifically for OFT tunes

Always open a couple of tables you are familiar with something like "Primary Open Loop Fuel Table" or "Base Timing B" make sure the axis's and the values look ok before you start editing. Reopen the tune after you finish and check a couple of tables just to be sure it all looks OK and check your work. If it looks weird or your are unsure don't flash the ROM.

If you use incorrect definitions for your ROM type and revision when editing/modifying a ROM you will likely alter incorrect parts of the ROM code/tables, which can result in a hung ECU which may be unrecoverable.

Instruction on RomRaider use see

Adjusting/Activating Launch control and Flat Foot (no lift) Shift parameters (Only for Manual vehicles)Note : OFT ROM's have a special patch for these functions use the definition files from the website downloads page

Launch Control -LC

Basically a second RPM limiter that is active when the vehicle speed is below the threshold speed set regardless of clutch in/out.

Launch control Disable speed = speed at which Launch RPM is disabled (ie you revert to normal red-line RPM limit 7600) default = 6mph (aprox 10KmH)

Launch Control RPM Delta = Amount to subtract from your Red-line RPM to get you Launch RPM e.g. if LC RPM Delta = 3600 your Launch RPM will be 7600-3600 = 4000 RPM

To disable Launch Control set LC RPM Delta = 0

Flat Foot (no lift) Shift -FFS

Is Another RPM limit activated when the Clutch is depressed (it does not monitor that the throttle is flat or 100%) for this reason it can activate on downshift.

Flat Foot Shift RPM Delta = Amount to subtract from your Normal Red-line RPM to get FFS RPM limit eg if you set FFS Delta = 2000 your FFS RPM limit will be 7600-2000= 5600 RPM so when up-shifting with foot on accelerator RPM will be limited to 5600 RPM as soon as you depress clutch even though your foot is on accelerator. Note its does not need the accelerator/throttle to be 100% or flat to activate its activated of Clutch switch only. This can sometimes cause issues on downshifts if you set the RPM to low for Flat foot shift.

To disable FFS set Delta to 0 (zero) in the table FFS RPM Delta using Romraider

Pedal Dance Mode - Completely Deactivate Traction/Stability control - Use with caution - recommended for Track Driving only

Car MUST be at operating Temperature temperature before Pedal Dance Mode will work.

Note Pedal Dance Mode completely disables almost ALL braking/stability/traction control functions this is far more than pushing the buttons on the center console does traction stabiliy is still partially active even after pushing these buttons -be warned - for track use only

EBD- Electronic Brake-force distribution is disabled

ICE Mode Braking is still active

All Traction Control disabled

All Stability control disabled

Panic Brake function disabled

Electronic Diff or Auto Limited slip diff function disabled

No emergency re-engage of traction/stability systems at speeds over 140kmh if system detects slide/loss of traction

ABS - Anti lock braking still active

Pedal dance mode is an automated method of doing this

Tune Changes Required to convert OFT tune for use with Crawford Billet Power Blocks BPB

Tune Calibration ID or tune type identifier

The last letter of the calibration ID is your ROM type identifier

Eg ZA1JB01C the C identifies the ROM type 

C= USA/Canada , G=Europe/Australia, ect

The preceding 3 numbers or letters indicate the Revision number Eg B01C

Your car may have come with 700,900,A00,A01,B00,B01 ect. Latest is D00

Why is my Tune Calibration ID different from my stock ROM or in OFT/OFM

The Tablet always has a copy of your original ROM in the protected Slot. It will only load tunes of the same ROM type into your car ie the last letter of ROM calid must match.

OFT tunes are generally based on the latest ROM revision for your ROM type.

For USA/Canada type = C eg ZA1JB01C or ZA1JA01G for Europe/Australia/South Africa

1.5X tunes based on A01 revision

2.0X tunes based on B01 revision

So depending on where you look you may see the revision change but the type number should not change.

Dealer Visit Options - see also section below on Marrying/un-marrying OFT

When you flash back your stock map with OFT its 100% stock byte for byte original, no license info no differences.

More info see here

Best option:

Use OFT to flash back your stock map from protected slot 1 - this is your original ROM and is 100% stock, before you visit dealer.

Don't ERASE your OFT yet with OFM , then you have two options 

1. If Dealer flash's you a new map you can keep it by then ERASING your OFT with OFM then marry it up to the new map OFT flashed by dealer. (dealers will usually indicate in service documentation if they re-flash) i.e read new updated map into your OFT after the ERASE of OFT like the first time you used it.

2. Don't erase OFT and flash back your old stock map still in your oft, overwriting the new map flashed by dealer if you don't want it for some reason or just flash your tuned ROM back if the dealer did not do a re-flash.

If you need the new stock map I have posted up the latest ones at the end of the Tactrix thread see links below or contact the OFT guys and they have all the stock maps.

Marrying and Un-marrying OFT

Before you can use you tablet you have to upload your original ROM from your car into tablet. this is stored in Tablet to marry it to your car.

If you want to un-marry the OFT the CURRENT owner MUST write back the original tune to their car from the protected slot in the OFT as the OFT checks the VIN number. The new owner cannot do this step. It must be done on the CURRENT owners car.

If you want to un-marry the OFT the CURRENT owner must perform step 1

1. Flash back your original tune in the first protected slot

2. Connect OFT to PC running Open Flash Manager software connected to Internet and ERASE OFT.

Apparently after 5 Erases you have to contact/email Openflash guys (with the OFT serial number ) to reset the erase count.

Note this is a count of erasing of the entire OFT not tune files you can erase/load tune files as much as you like.

After Original tune is written back to CURRENT owners car and the OFT is erased its free to marry up to another vehicle note they can be used on BMW Porsche and Mazda vehicles, or its free to marry up to a new flash the dealer may have done.

The Screen is not responding correctly or hard to select options

Go to the main menu select feature then calibrate screen option, use a stylus to calibrate screen not your finger, all should be ok after calibration.

Rotate Screen 180 degrees

Go to the main menu select feature option then rotate screen option, your done ..

Deleting Data Log files and Removing corrupted log files

Deleting old log files can be time consuming as OFT wants to load each log first. I have found you can go to Delete button and use it while log is loading to delete the log quicker.

If you get a corrupted log file the another member here found a good solution . Make a small log, then save it as same name as the corrupted log, OFT will prompt to overwrite old log say yes, old log file gone. now you should be able to delete the new log with same name.

If all else fails then you could always write back you stock ROM to car and the do a total erase of OFT (see info on marrying/DE-marrying OFT). Note this will use up your erase count just contact OFT guys to reset erase count if it wont erase.

The Screen has gone white

This is caused by the power to OFT going off/on/off/on in quick succession when your plugging OFT into OBD port. Just unplug oft leave for 15 sec then plug back in try not to wiggle cable when inserting, just push it straight in.

You can also get this if you plug in OFT to computer and the Openflash Manager software is not running. Its best to wait till computer has booted up and OFM software is running before connecting OFT.

I got a CEL light/code after Flash

As the OFT like most flashing devices turn off communications to other computer in car when flashing. you will sometimes get a CEL code or light after a flash. Generally this is not a problem just clear it and move on. they are generally communication CEL code Uxxxx or code related to Auto Transmission computer. if it persists investigate.

CEL Code reading clearing - OFT only reads Engine ECU CEL

OFT will read and clear CEL or Engine check light code.

Note the OFT only reads Engine ECU codes it won't read Body computer or Auto Transmission codes. so it possible to get a CEL light and OFT says "No Codes" however it will clear all codes I believe.

to read the other codes suggest you get Techstream and suitable adapter or a cheap ELM327 Bluetooth adapter and Android Torque app

Driving Performance Monitoring

- Lateral G

- Acceleration G

- Deceleration G

- Yaw (drifting!)

- Brake pressure

- Steering wheel angle

- Individual tire air temperatures (if sensors fitted)

- Individual wheel speeds

- Individual wheel spin

See links here for more info:

Tuning Alerts and Alarms

You can configure up to 3 different Tuning Alerts. And each Tuning Alert can have up to 4 conditionals that can be set as an OR or AND condition. For available channels, it will be a subset of the up-to-14 channels you configured for data logging/viewing.

When conditions are met alarm will sound and OFT screen will Flash

Thread here

Specific info here

Some example tuning Alerts

These are pretty useful to alert you to problems with your car

suggested settings for tuning alerts.

You can have three Alerts and each alert can consist of 4 parameters configured to trigger alarm if All (AND) or one (OR) condition is met.

Alert A (over temperature) 

Coolant Temp > 207 F

Oil Temp > 250 F

Select OR at bottom of screen

Alert B ( knock alert & Fuel Trim alert)

For E85 suggest -1 for Petrol may -2

FLKC < -1

Knock Correction < -1

IAM < 0.9

LTFT > +10

LTFT < -10

Select OR at bottom of screen

I set the fuel trim alert as Im on E85 and it will alert me to excessive fuel trims due ethanol content changes or someone accidentally filling up with petrol, it will also alert you of exhaust or intake leaks.

Alert C running lean alert

you might have to tweak AFR for petrol/E85 try 13 for E85 12.5 Petrol

RPM > 5000

Engine Load > 1

AFR > 13

Select AND at bottom of screen

You will need Template 8.2 of later and OFM version 1.21.0 or later

Dont use TUNEBOT menu it doesn't work correctly: Use Diagnostics or ECU info to log not TUNEBOT menu

Multiple Data Logs -up to 20 named logs and 400 minutes in total:

OBD Cable with Power switch so you can leave OFT plugged in and not drain battery

Even though OFT will power down after a minute or so it will still continue to draw some power. If left for several days it may drain your battery.

Use OBD extension with inline power switch , see below

See post here:

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