Our goal while calibrating your ECU is to:

  • Ensure your engine is operating safely and correctly with the fuel quality found in your region of the world.
  • Correct all fuel delivery control operations; eliminating exaggerated fuel trim control swings by the ECU.
  • Develop a tailored ignition timing strategy for your engine; helping to ensure complete fuel burn during engine power strokes.

Our custom calibration process will NOT:

  • Remove, eliminate, or disable pollution control systems.
  • Force pass emission testing system (or control) while completing OBD/emission inspections.


It is the responsibility of our custom e-tuning customers to ensure that their vehicle hardware(s) comply with all state and federal emission compliance while working with our calibration staff. Openflash Performance Inc. hereby disclaims and releases any and all liability resulting from the incorrect use, installation, or failure of compliance any e-tuning customer may have whilst being compared to applicable state and federal laws in their region.