To download your original tune file (.ori) you'll need to use a windows based PC and have correctly installed Openflash Manager.

You will only be able to save your ORIGINAL tune file if you've already installed/married your OFT to your vehicle. If you have not installed your OFT to your vehicle, please do that before continuing. 

Before plugging in your OFT to you PC:

  1. Ensure that your PC has an active internet connection.
  2. Launch the Openflash Manager software. 
  3. Connect your OFT to your PC and allow it some minutes to connect and update itself.

Once your OFT is connected to OFM:

  1. Select the "Download data" menu option.
    • In the first 'map slot' notice the PRESENT tune file -> this is your ORIGINAL tune that your OFT READ during installation.
  2. Select the Save button to the right of the first map slot that has your ORIGINAL file stored.